Hi I’m Ayesha.

I live in Bristol, UK with my husband Sam and our baby girl Arwen.
Aah Yes Studio was originally a graphic design practice which over time has evolved into an art studio.

My pieces are bold, curious and playful. I like to work with simple shapes and curated colours to spotlight an object or moment from my day-to-day life.
I find the mundanity of daily life weirdly interesting, I guess because that’s where it all happens isn’t it? Not in the big moments, the fireworks, the showstoppers, but in all of the tiny bits in-between. Something small and unremarkable that I can dive into and play with a bit. 

You can purchase my work from Glassette, Artists & Objects, Maison Flaneur, Wescover & Art Republic. Or directly from me.
From time to time I take comissions too.

Drop me a note to hello@aahyesstudio.com, come and say hi on Instagram @aahyesstudio or get in touch here.