Aah Yes Studio is a contemporary art & design practice run by UK-based artist Ayesha Pearce.

Drawing inspiration from daily life Ayesha uses rich palettes and abstract forms to create playful artworks that hero everyday objects & moments.

She doesn't favour one particular movement, era or theme, instead choosing to work with objects and moments from her own day-to-day. Mundane items and unremarkable experiences turned extraordinary.

Her goal is to present these subjects with beautiful simplicity whilst sharing a new way of seeing. Allowing each piece to morph between abstract and figurative as determined by the viewer.

Ayesha has had the pleasure of working with incredible brands such as The Conran Shop, Frame, Glassette, UNHCR and plenty of lovely individuals too.

If you’d like to commission a piece or chat about creating something together drop an email to hello@aahyesstudio.com or get in touch here.