Aah Yes Studio - wonky lines and good times
How are your prints made?

The printed artworks are all giclée which is a method of digital printing that produces exceptional quality and exquisite colours. The prints are created using paper cut outs which are then scanned and designed into the final print.

They are produced on museum grade paper which has a gorgeous texture that adds depth to the piece.

Each print is limited to an edition.

Although this collection uses digital production methods we believe art should be transient and so when they’re gone they’re gone. We will not be printing any more. We do this because no one wants to turn up to the party in the same outfit as someone else, art is no different.

Each print comes either stamped or signed with an authenticity mark. Some collections will also include the edition number.

Will the colours in my print by exactly the same as they look on screen?

Every screen displays colour slightly differently and whilst we do our best to put the clearest and most accurate representations of the prints on the site, the colours will vary a touch depending on your device and the lighting of the room you are in. For the most accurate representation we recommend viewing the prints in the room you plan to hang them in with your screen at full brightness.
What about framing?

Our prints don’t come framed as framing is largely down to personal style and taste. If you’re able to use a local framer we recommend considering this as they’ll be able to chat you through the best options for your space and budget and will provide much better quality than ready-made frames.

We’d be more than happy to recommend Framers in East London if you live locally.

If you’re looking for something off the shelf we recommend Nielsen frames which are manufactured in Germany to exceptional quality and come at very reasonable prices. These can be found at various places on the web.

Our one-off artworks all come framed and ready to be hung in your space. We work with local framers who use the best quality materials and processes.

Want to know more?

If you have any other questions get in touch and lets chat.