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Hiya, Ayesha ︎︎︎here︎︎︎ I take objects & moments from daily life and reimagine them using irregular forms and bright colours. 

I find the mundanity of daily life exciting. Not the big fireworks moments but all of the tiny bits in-between. The small unremarkable stuff. That’s where I like to play.

Speaking of play, I approach my work with a childlike curiosity, using a lot of improvisation, hand-drawn techniques and cutting up endless bits of paper to create my pieces.

Having recently become a Mother I have a whole new source of wonderful inspiration and a first-hand look at the world through the lens of a little one.

I currently work across oil, acrylic, print & illustration. I would love to explore sculpture & textile some day. And work on a book. All in good time.

I live in Bristol, UK with my husband Sam and our baby girl Arwen.

For modern prints for family spaces check out my sister brand: Surprise Radish 

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Selected works in exhibition for Sophie’s AW 2023 installation Á Table

Oct 23 - Mar 24